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What’s Next in the Travel Industry Post COVID-19




Travel then and now, differences in the travel industry from country to country, what’s next in travel post COVID-19, Agency President &  Chief Strategist Karen Weiner Escalera gives her insights in a recent interview in the newsletter of Global Ties Miami.

She also speaks about her career in travel and journalism.

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About Global Ties Miami:

GTM  facilitates professional, educational and cultural exchanges with global leaders in business, government and culture, working with a branch of the U.S. State Department.

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Crafts: New Antidote for Stress Relief

New idea for meetings

Timberland coloring book


In a 24/7 demanding world,  even yoga and exercise don’t always work for stress relief. Enter crafting, the newest antidote not only to help rest the mind, but also to stimulate creativity in the workplace and a new idea for meetings. So no surprise that, as reported in Adweek,  adult coloring books are “taking the nation by storm”. They’re on Amazon’s list of best sellers, and cropping up in major brands such as Timberland’s marketing efforts. Even Vogue magazine has come out with its own entry. Coloring books also offer the benefit of being portable, inexpensive, appealing to all demographics and fun.

Michaels Craft stores now offer 150 coloring book titles along with other surfaces people can color on like T shirts, and canvases. And for the ultimate in stress relief, there’s the Meditation Coloring Book that combines calming thoughts with hands on craft activity.

Now how about this for a novel coffee break idea for a group meeting? Combine it with a juice bar and nutritious  snacks and voila. Or have a craft bar with easels for sketching or painting, day by day planners that you can personalize with stickers, and kits for making handstitched photo frames. All refreshing ,relaxing and creativity stimulating  options that are sure to be crowd pleasers.