Update: Film-induced branding, marketing

Branded content is described as a fusion of advertising and entertainment into one marketing communications product that is integrated into an organization’s overall brand strategy intended to be distributed as entertainment content with a highly branded quality. We’ve seen the signals of a more proactive use of visual tools such as film and we’re calling it Film-induced branding (we’ve broadened the term film-induced tourism describes the effects that film and TV-productions can have on travel decisions).

Leading the pack so far is Louis Vuitton – a company that does not take advertising lightly. Their identity is defined by a visual pattern, its imagery must be carefully crafted. Only recently has this luxury brand began to create films in the spirit of Louis Vuitton and an artistic exploration of the company’s relationship with its customers.

Recently, we also wrote about LVMH’s foray into film with its own documentary “Handmade Cinema”; and the reinvention of the Roma Cinema Etoile, a historical cinema in Rome into a Louis Vuitton maison complete with an in-house screening room to screen short films showcasing young Italian filmmakers and host movie premieres.

And just this week Louis Vuitton announced an interesting, new promotional video “When Hong Kong is a Woman,” the first in a film series on cities around the world, using gender as a lens to interpret each city’s identity.” This is so original and we love it.

So those from Hong Kong, is this an apt description of HK? I wonder which genders are New York or Barcelona?

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