Another Airline Creates Child-Free Quiet Zone

In April of this year, Malaysian Airlines banned children in the upper deck economy section of their A380s. The impetus behind the move was to provide a more restful trip for business travelers who have to fly in economy.

Following suit, AirAsia, a popular southeast Asian airline, announced today that starting in February 2013, passengers can reserve a seat in a so-called “quiet zone” with no children under 12 allowed at no extra cost. The zone consists of seven rows on the airline’s Airbus A330s. Check out the seating map here.

This re-sparked the debate about what’s fair in flying and should airlines offer children-only seating areas and flights.

It’s no secret that children can be disruptive on flights. Just last month it was reported that a family was thrown off a JetBlue flight when a toddler threw a temper tantrum. Also in March, “unruly” kids on an Alaska flight prompted the crew to ask for police back up.

Blogger Keli Goff relived her tale of angst in the sky, when she was forced to share her flight with a particularly unaccommodating family. “Flying the friendly skies always feels a bit like playing a game of Russian roulette,” Keli expressed in her post. Her personal story prompted electrified comments on the Huffington Post, with both families and the childless weighing in on the discussion.

What’s your opinion? Does the inconvenience of one group outweigh the rights of another? Sound off in the comments below….

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I once flew business class, and a group of executive were holding a very loud in flight meeting. They were worse than any kid’s I’ve ever encountered. And what about hand held games with annoying sound effects? A quiet zone would be very welcome – and it shouldn’t just apply to kids!

chelseaorth Says:

agreed! We’re all for that.

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