Countdown: #7 Travel & Lifestyle Trends in a Social Media World

We’re in the home stretch people. We are counting down our top 8 consumer trends that we’ve identified over the years as still relevant, however now we’re putting them into context of our social media world…

7. Family and Friends are #1
Social media is for friends and family, not celebrities and dating, says survey: 66% of online adults in the USA now use social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook, and of those, two-thirds (67%) cited staying in touch with friends as their primary motivation. Social media users aged 50 years or younger are more likely to use these tools to connect with existing friends and reconnect with old ones – 70% cited this as a major reason. Perhaps surprisingly, 74% of users stated that they had no interest in reading comments by celebrities, athletes and politicians. (Source: Pew Internet)

Anything that helps foster friendships and socialization is a hot – from ladies nights at top restaurants, girlfeiend getaways to communal lobbies, bars, and dining tables and will continue to crop up.

A lot has been said about family travel – it’s consistently been one of the fastest growth areas in the industry since 9/11, fueled by a backlash of 24/7 work schedules and dehumanizing technology. This now mature category has given way to various offshoots such as gay/lesbian parents, single parents, father/son and mother/daughter trips, grandparents, multi-cultural families, and more. Then, there’s the whole divorce market. With over 50% of the marriages in the US ending in divorce, think about the potential.

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