Fashion travel experiences

Before our eyes, the fashion and hospitality industries are merging, to better meet consumers needs/demands by becoming a reflection of how their consumers want to live. This shift is giving rise to a new trend – fashionista getaways – for those looking to combine their passions for fashion and travel.

Following the catwalk around the world requires insider knowledge of where emerging designers are introducing new lines, and it’s not always in the fashion capitals of Europe. To help these fashion-centic travelers are increasingly more private, customized fashion tours, which explore the fashion scene of fascinating destinations covering textile industries, couture shows, exclusive meetings with current designers and visits to historic costume collections.

Take the path off the well-trod runway to far-flung locations such as Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, South Africa or Shanghai. It makes sense to travel to where designers choose to photograph their fashions for magazines, because the aspirational sets/locales that attract their readers, attract globe-trotting fashionistas as well.

As Conde Nast’s Mark Ellwood writes, “Fashion and travel go together like size double-0 dresses and coffee-and-cigarette breakfasts. They need each other.” Think what Carrie Bradshaw and the girls might do for a girl’s getaway.

What do designers Versace, Ferragamo, Christian Lacroix and Bulgari have in common? They all have hotels. Giorgio Armani is currently searching for a chic spot to create a New York counterpart to his opulent Armani Hotel & Residences in Dubai, and plans to open at least seven more within the next 10 years, all part the grand vision of becoming a complete lifestyle brand. As the designer previously explained, “Today, more than ever before, fashion has expanded to encompass our way of life, not just how we dress, but where we live, which restaurants we eat at, where we holiday and which hotels we stay in.”

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