Airports selling local foods

Another variation on culinary tourism, a segment which continues to grow, seems to me to be eclipsing duty free….the busiest shop at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport was the one selling Turkish food products:  from preserves, honeys, teas and coffee, to sweets and olive oil. Turkish delight in a variety of flavors and colors was on display but there were few takers. Travelers were too busy stocking up on multiple products to bring back home a taste of the destination. The shop also sold souvenir items and jewelry, but that section also had few takers.

Los Angeles International Airport  is planning to take a bit of the culture of the city of Los Angeles and merge it with the airport experience. Think of it as a small sampling of the original Farmers’ Market.

The Farmers’ Market on Third and Fairfax has been a fixture in the city for more than three quarters of a century.  (This is not to be confused with the various impromptu farmers’ markets found across the city.)  The farmers’ market is a destination for tourist and locals alike.

And if all goes to plan, that little piece of Los Angeles culture is expected to be found at Terminal 5 at LAX. It will not only serve fresh fruits and vegetables, but also snacks and other treats from the merchants of the Farmers’ Market: fresh peanut butter from Magee’s House of Nuts, hot sauces galore from Light My Fire, and even local Mexican food from ¡Lotería! Grill! to name a few.

We should be so lucky to have more local options at other airports across the country.

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