Latest restaurant gardens – rooftops

Urban roofscapes continue to be hot real estate and there’s a lot happening in the city skies.  First it was rooftop pools and bars (NYC’s Gansevoort, Madrid’s Urban), then rooftop beehives (Fortnum & Mason, Fairmont Royal York) and rooftop pop-up hotels (Hotel Everland at Paris’ Palais de Tokyo museum).

So how is the the restaurant industry getting on board? Always the innovator, the Palais de Tokyo is at it again with its new Nomiya restaurant. It’s a glass box designed by Laurent Grasso (winner of France’s Marcel Duchamp Prize for the top rising young artist), which not only highlights the iconic views of Paris, but it also serves up a three course lunch for 12 on a communal table. Diners can only book one month in advance and the restaurant shuts its doors in December, making this one of the hottest tickets in the City of Light.

New York magazine described how leading chefs and restaurant suppliers are using roofs as gardens. They cited one kitchen garden above a shipping container in a supplier’s backyard. Culinary creative, Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s newest restaurant garden will be atop ABC Carpet & Home, where he just opened his first  farm-to-table, artisanal restaurant called ABC Kitchen. “We will also be working a lot with the farmers, using heirloom vegetables,” says the chef. “Everything will be very fresh and straightforward, California style, like when Alice Waters opened Chez Panisse.”

~Karen Weiner Escalera

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