Hotel Artists in Residence Programs


John Hardy's Bambu Indah has an artist in residence program.

John Hardy’s Bambu Indah has an artist in residence program.

In W magazine this month they describe three hotel artist in residence programs around the globe where the appeal can not only be spending time with a famous artist, but also, taking classes and seeing up close and personal the creative process. Probably the most elaborate is the accessory designer John Hardy’s eco luxe compound, Bambu Indah in Bali which features a design factory, showroom, green school and Javanese houses along with studio space. Most recently they launched an artist in residence program with artist Teresita Fernandez. In high season, St.Barth’s Eden Rock Hotel hosts several artists in residence including Richard Prince, Will Cotton, and Donald Baechler. They also have art making lessons for guests and friends. In the Loire Valley in France, the former wine country estate of Aleaxnder Calder is home to famous artists like Sarah Sze and Rachel Harrison for three months at a time. At a former client hotel in the Caribbean years ago we hosted Jennifer Bartlett as an artist in residence. Not only did the guests enjoy it, but the resort had taken several paintings as a barter and today they’re worth millions of dollars. Makes good business as well!

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