Part 1: Rich lingo for developing-countries

The world’s wealth map has been turned upside down in recent years. So-called “poor” countries are where the wealth is and so-called “rich” countries just aren’t as rich anymore. The developing-country rich are clearly not only changing the economics of wealth, but also the language.

This flip-flopped wealth creation has re-drawn the luxury market and according to The Wall Street Journal’s Wealth Report what to we call the nouveaux riche? (even “nouveaux” is considered old school).

Now for instance, there are the Blingsheviks – the flash, yacht-fleet-owning Russians. Then there are the Bollygarchs, the Indian version of the Oligarch, prone to living in personal skyscrapers. According to Wikipedia, Bollygarchs “wield significant influence over the social and political agenda through big business and some philanthropic work.”

And we can’t forget about t the Ka-Ching! Dynasty – a term for the super-rich families in China. The Ka-Chings! moniker first popped up in The Washington Post more than six years ago. But lately it’s gained prominence in the Australian press and beyond, describing a Chinese elite that is increasingly dynastic (i.e. sons, daughters and relatives of government officials) and increasingly flashy.

What other terms have you heard for the rich of Russia, Brazil, India or China?

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