Spa trends for 2010

A recent online survey of spa professionals conducted by KWE group revealed some interesting trends and opportunities:

  • There seems to be an increasing emphasis on using healthy products that aren’t harmful or contribute to “bio accumulative toxicity” as Sheila Mossberg, Founder and CEO of Nontoxique Beauty cited. “Our time spent in the spa, granted is time we try to unwind and feel good, but we must remember that a lot of what is in the spa is also contributing to poor health.” She recently spoke with the Federal Drug Administration in Washington on issues related to natural products and shared her story of the adverse health effects from products non-regulated in the US. I can relate. Five years ago I was on a press trip with a leading spa editor whose face broke out due to the products used in a facial. The mass media hasn’t yet exposed the toxicity aspects of so many beauty products, but once it starts, expect newly educated consumers to scrutinize labels more carefully and start asking pointed questions to beauty salons.
  • Treatments and programs for physical detox are fairly common in spas these days, but in this increasingly stressed world, we don’t see as many complimentary solutions for mental and emotional wellbeing.  Look for more programs and developments in this area.
    Spa mini-treatments. As costs of spa treatments continue to rise and consumer pocketbooks are stretched, spas are now offering shorter treatments with lower price tags. Twenty five minute treatments seems to be the cutoff.
  • Boosting awareness and broadening a customer base via smartphones and mobile apps are quick becoming effective tools for spas. Just launched: SpaFinder’s free iPhone app, which helps users find nearby spas, deals and reviews. Plus, they can view treatment details and book instantly at participating locations. Such personal pocket concierge tactics can win over customers by not only creating real time user experiences, but also rewarding prompt responses to short term deals.

By: Karen Weiner Escalera

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