Affluent Teens Emerge as Growing Spa Opportunity

In recent years, cruises, luxury resorts and spas have added teen spa-ing to their roster, primarily facials, manicures and pedicures, with playful touches or themes, as well as hosting teen spa parties. However, spas will need to up the ante and be prepared to accommodate more teenage guests, because adults aren’t the only ones looking to de-stress in these turbulent times. Much of this stress filters down to our kids, on top of the typical daily pressures teens already face:


         academic pressure and career decisions

         pressure to wear certain types of clothing or hairstyles

         pressure to try drugs, alcohol or sex

         pressure to fit in with peer groups and measure up to others

         adaptation to bodily changes

         family and peer conflicts

         taking on too many activities at one time


It is important for teens to learn to manage stress, because a long-term build-up of stress that is not handled effectively may lead to other problems, including physical illness, anxiety or depression. Therefore, many teens (and their parents) are finding refuge in a spa environment and are learning breathing techniques in yoga class, taking proper care of their skin and recognizing the importance of good nutrition and exercise. Spa outings have also become good bonding opportunities for parent and teen.


Canyon Ranch in Miami Beach is raising the bar with its already comprehensive spa menu, by targeting teens. Developed from a focus group of 14 to 17 year olds, one of the most prominent findings of their research is that teens would rather be consulted than ordered, according to Agnelo Fernandes, Director of Sales and Marketing.  “We know more than our parents think we know”, was the main message and they felt that they are under tremendous stress.


Their menu of services include everything from the expected – salon treatments, exercise and movement, skincare and massage – to the unexpected – nutrition, healing energy, and most interesting, life management. The latter includes 50 minute sessions on stress management, healthy lifestyle, which examines issues such as anger management, body image, dream exploration, self esteem, and life transitions, to spiritual exploration: “finding new ways to integrate spirituality into daily life and major decisions.” Look for a week long program this summer that combines all of these elements along with a beach boot camp.


Canyon Ranch Teens

Canyon Ranch Teens

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