Mini indulgence: Rooms by the hour

The notion of hotel rooms by the hour have been notorious over the years, nor have they been situated in tony locations. And who can forget all the news coverage of the “love hotels” in Rio and Japan, they’re institutions.

However, in recent years airport hotels have taken to renting rooms by the hour providing a comfortable refuge for weary travelers to relax between layovers. On a recent trip, I checked out the Ibis at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. Not bad.

12 euros an hour gets you a clean, quiet room, a good bed, flat screen TV and free WIFI. They’re equipped with a host of facilities that provide passengers with everything they need to have a comfortable stay. Forget your toothbrush or other amenities? They have them at the ready for sale (a folding toothbrush and tube of toothpaste were 3 euros)

Some luxury hotels are embracing the idea and letting guests rent rooms by the hour, giving hotels the chance to take better advantage of the daytime hours; it promote sampling, and fills up some rooms that would otherwise be vacant. These posh rooms-by-the-hour aren’t just targeted at couples planning a clandestine tryst but also shoppers who want to rest their weary feet, guests in need or a power nap or travelers in search of a quiet place to wait for a late plane or cruise ship boarding.

In Fort Lauderdale, FL for example, cruise ship passengers with time to kill before embarkation can pay $250 for a few hours at an oceanfront cabana at the posh Ritz-Carlton, where they can sunbathe, relax and enjoy spa amenities including showers. Regular in-season overnight rates start at $409. In trendy Malibu, CA the Malibu Beach Inn is targeting weary shoppers who pay the $270 day rate can get a cabana room just steps from the sand and a three-course lunch. Prices for oceanfront rooms usually start at $385 a night.

By: Karen Weiner Escalera

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southen Says:

It’s in fact a trend now for hotel industry to have the guests rent rooms by the hour, even for luxe hotels. There are even booking sites now that exclusively offer these hotels ( & I guess, yes this is to cater the clients that needs power nap, needs to freshen up, etc.

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