Luxury Marketing Language for 2012

Luxury marketing buzzwords over the past few years have been authentic, artisanal, vintage, and heirloom. Expect these to continue to resonate in 2012.

In travel surveys we conducted this year, from spa media to wedding planners, they all indicate that the affluent still crave products and experiences that are authentic and offer a sense of place, in everything from food and décor to destination offerings and entertainment.

But take care. The tide will change by year’s end as certain buzzwords become adopted by the mass market. When Domino’s introduces “artisan pizzas” and Burger King rolls out burgers on “artisan buns” you know it’s the end.

What will replace these words? Luxury vocabulary will need to be more evocative, charismatic and precise – precious, rare, even sacred will better describe what we’re selling. The prose? Think good journalism: it describes.
If possible, avoid adjectives altogether. Successful images tell a brand story. 

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