Novel Way to Communicate Quality Message

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Luxury retailers are turning to offering apprenticeships for a day or less in a new twist on communicating quality, artisanry and detail that goes into making the pricey goods, one of the new luxury retail trends. Two of the more innovative programs include Van Cleef & Arpels’ L’Ecole in their 18th century mansion in Paris. They offer classes in three areas: History of Art, Universe of Gemstones and Le Savoir Faire. In the latter series, “Admiring Uniqueness and Team Craftsmanship”, participants create a mock up by painting a design in gouache, cut wax to make a model and practice ways of working with metal for the setting. Sessions start at $800 for four hours depending on the class. Patek Philippe in its New York office offers half day classes by invitation only, including insights into the craft of watchmaking and hands on instruciton. For instance, students put the Tiffany & Co logo on Patek dials using an antique stamping machine. Then they look through high tech microsopes to look at the inside of a Patek Grand Complications. It’d be interesting to know how many pieces of jewelry and watches are sold to participants after the classes.



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