Real estate amenity rooms: The hidden joys of ownership?

Just when hotels are trimming amenities and services, real estate developers are laying them on. One developer in his Brooklyn Heights waterfront condominiums, One Brooklyn Bridge Park, lists no fewer than 12 amenity rooms, which the ad calls “living rooms” that “promise to improve the value of your life”. In a new kind of perk aimed at creating value in the buyer’s mind, developers are adding rooms for just about every whim.  They include not only the almost common children’s playrooms, billiard, gym and movie screening rooms, but now feature  a Wii game room, children’s art room, PS 3 gaming room (probably for local school kids), virtual golf room, dance studio and satellite cardio room. 

What I’d like to know is which room (or rooms) have dedicated staffing and how far do they go in each on the furnishings? And don’t forget the ever present American notion of liability!   Though it sounds like a good promotional idea, cost conscious buyers (even affluent ones) will be taking a hard look at the hidden costs of such “amenities” remembering that in addition to added monthly charges sandwiched in that condo maintenance fee, at some point, the owners will take over from the developer and the true cost of these rooms might become a rude awakening.

 By: Sandy Carrier, Vice President, Real Estate

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