Tips for Building Brand Personality

Does your brand’s personality come through in social media? We’ll be doing ongoing posts suggesting tactics to build more effective social media channels. Building brand personality means showcasing the people who make your company tick. Your consumers want to digitally connect with your brand, but they don’t want to buy from a faceless, electronic corporation.

Make your company’s About Us page into a story that compels your buyer personas. People crave stories; they are the connective glue in a cold cyberspace. We buy from people we trust, relate to and like. Consider this space your elevator pitch. Use it to clearly and concisely explain who you are and why you’re valuable. You can even provide a link to more information here, too.

Ways to make your About Us page pop:

1. Ditch the Stiff Images – ensure employee images don’t look like stock headshots. Invest in head shots that are indicative of your people’s personalities. Capturing candid photos people at work and during an event or a normal day.

2. Brag About Your Awards – You can be a little coy in your content marketing. When it comes to the page on your website that’s all about you, it’s time to display your accomplishments proudly. History Year by Year is a great place for events and accolades.

3. Invest in Video – Connect with your website visitors in real-time by looking into the camera and making a connection.

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