Pop Up Furniture Used to Sell Luxe Homes

 pop up furniture

Prop furniture or what is now called pop up furniture is making a comeback, taken to a new level with cardboard bed frames, “upholstery covers”, and even 52 inch televisions.  According to the Wall Street Journal, a two bedroom apartment can be furnished with four nylon bags of origami-like polypropylene furniture, ideal for staging a luxury apartment for sale. Companies such as informed Space make this furniture which costs about one third the price of traditional staging.   And it can all be done in a few hours. Another company, Real Electronic Props makes replicas of flat screen tvs  of up to 52 inches but are pushing it, trying for a 60 or 65 inch model. They look identical to the real thing except there’s no electrical wiring. Besides price, another reason for the popularity of the fake electronics (including videogame consoles, laptops and tables) is avoiding minor theft, a part of open house tours. So next time you go on a house tour, look carefully before you sit down!

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