Is ‘First Class All the Way’ still OK?

Bravo’s latest series, “First Class All the Way,” follows Sara Duffy, founder of SRD International, and her Los Angeles based multi-million dollar, five-star travel concierge business. The episodes take viewers inside the world of high-end luxury travel while revealing the inside dramas of keeping demanding clients satisfied and making extravagant dream vacations come to life. Billionaires, socialites and entertainment moguls turn to SRD to scour the world in search of the best, most one-of-a-kind experiences. From after hours or sight closures for ultimate privacy, to private security and private club reservations –that most people have to wait months for – they make it happen anytime, anywhere throughout the world.

My favorite episode: Duffy sends five wealthy housewives to Monte Carlo for a private tour of the Monaco Royal Families art collection and a meeting with Prince Albert.

At one time, the more extravagant and bling-worthy the item, the greater was its appeal. However, in these unprecedented times, affluent consumers are becoming more prudent with their luxury purchases, showing more discretion and less sparkle. With this in mind, “First Class” may over before it has even begun, but it’s fun escapism while it lasts.

By: Chelsea Orth, KWE group 

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