Hospitals – new destination spas?

Medical tourism – a form of vacationing that combines recreation with wellness and covers a broad range of specialized medical services coupled with well-planned and organized tourism segment.

Those of us in the industry have watched this trend grow exponentially over the last several years as “wellness and looking good continue were moving up in consumers financial priorities.” The trend has not only gained widespread acceptance but continues to expand.

The rise of medical tourism to glittering hospitals in places like Singapore and Thailand has turned coddling and elegance into marketing necessities. As mentioned in the Herald Tribune: “It’s not just competing on medical grounds and specialties, but competing for customers who can go just about anywhere.”

Many American hospitals offer a V.I.P. amenities floor with a dedicated chef, lavish services,  and concierges, from Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, which promises “the ultimate in pampering” in its $3,784 maternity suites.

Take Beyonce and Jay-Z’s lockdown of Lenox Hill Hospital for the birth of their baby Blue Ivy was done in style — in its ultra-luxe “executive suite” looked more like a five-star hotel. The glamorous room comes with four flat screen TVs, top-notch electronics, a kitchenette, art, mahogany walls and plush furniture.

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