More luxury services in the skies

To stay in the luxury game, it’s important to astound guests with a platinum standard of amenities and services, to elicit the “wow factor” among experienced consumers. In Accenture’s “Customer Satisfaction in the Multi-Polar World” survey, more than half of consumers reported their expectations for better service increased over the past five years. One-third said they were higher than a year ago.

Affluent customers are seasoned world travelers with sophisticated, discerning tastes. So as a result, we’re seeing new services and amenities taking to the skies:

Upping the first class commercial airline experience, Emirates airlines are fitting super jumbo Airbus A380’s with on board spas. The showers and adjoining spas (the first to be installed on a commercial aircraft) are available to first-class passengers, who pay about $18,000 for a round-trip ticket from Dubai to New York. Emirates will offer beauty treatments and spa showers for First Class customers, and can use Emirates signature Timeless Spa products.

Manufacturers and distributors of private jet interiors are also thriving. Private air travel is becoming an interior designer’s playground. Beyond the much publicized convenience and comfort of private jets, they are becoming homes away from homes. These days, jets can be custom fitted with the latest, modern comforts you would find in your home and home office – a master bedroom with shower, dining rooms, guest and child’s room, etc.

So why wait for pampering when you reach your destination. It’s a jetsetters world – anything can be enjoyed or accomplished on the way.

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