Traincations gather steam

The popularity of train travel in the U.S. has made a comeback. Just yesterday, Amtrack announced its ridership reached an all time high since the railroad was formed in 1971. There a few contributing factors for this:

1. Price $$. With the price of air travel continually rising, people are undoubtedly taking a second look at the train as a method of transport. A sluggish economy has also contributed.

2. Convenience. Many can attest that the fun is gone from flying commercial airlines – long waits, delays, long security lines, cramped seats, and bland snacks associated with air travel. Speedy trains today are no longer all that much slower than taking a plane to certain destinations, especially on the higher speed trains (thought mostly in Europe for now). Trains can be more inviting than planes and cars, with more room, food cars, and places to plug in your laptop. You can also carry your own luggage less the weight restrictions (and charges) – even bring along your bike. (Perfect for families…)

3. The view. Driving can be fun, but you’re supposed to pay attention to the road, not the countryside.

4. It’s greener. Being a low-carbon form of travel is appealing to many.

For now that traincations (especially the more luxurious tours) are predominantly a European/Asian thing, but the U.S. is actively working on a newer, faster passenger rail system. 

So where/when is your next traincation? ?

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