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Luxury and Social Media

Luxury brands and social media are a combination that has not been a love affair. Some feared diluting their elite and exclusive community. Another concern is that luxury is not just a product, it’s an experience. Consumers need to see and feel luxury with their own eyes and hands. They want first-class service, personalized design and unique touches unavailable elsewhere. This need for a “touch point” is precisely why retail outlets have traditionally been so essential to a luxury brand. It’s not a “feeling” conveyable online.


Art is Going to the Dogs

How’s this for a nifty twist on an art theme and opening? This week I received an invitation entitled “Come with Your Dog to See Dog Art” from my friend and colleague of many years, Susan Kelley. Susan and her husband Bill Roy own a top advertising agency in Miami and made a part of their office space into an art gallery, the Kelley + Roy Gallery.


Mental fitness at a spa near you

You may be familiar with the saying “use it or lose it,” which generally referred to the muscles in our bodies. Now with a vast, aging Boomer population, Alzheimer’s studies a regular topic on the evening news, and medical reports touting the need to keep the brain active to avoid decline, the phrase also refers to the newest fitness/spa trend – Brain Fitness.