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Extreme hotel perks for kids

Hotels and resorts realize the big impact that the smallest guests can have on their bottom line and with this in mind, they’re rolling out the carpet for children with gift packs, bath toys and nightcaps of milk and cookies. Because if the kids are happy, parents are happy, and happy parents make for loyal guests.


Countdown: #7 Travel & Lifestyle Trends in a Social Media World

A lot has been written about family travel since it has consistently been one of the fastest growth areas since 9/11, fueled by a backlash dominated by 24/7 work schedules and dehumanizing technology. Since then, this mature category has given way to subsets such as gay/lesbian parents, single parents, father/son and mother/daughter trips, grandparents, multi-cultural families, and more. Then, there’s the whole divorce market. With over 50% of the marriages in the US ending in divorce, think of that potential.


Family travel blogs boom

Families across the country are starting to hit the skies and highways starting their summer vacations. Despite volatile economic times, which in turn affects travel habits, family travel blogs are thriving and families continue to seek the value and the advice of real moms and travel experts who can make traveling with kids a fun, affordable and enriching experience.