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Young Foodies, your Devoted Customers-to-Be

Mikey Robins, 15, is the youngest champion of the Food Network's "Chopped".

Mikey Robins, 15, is the youngest champion of the Food Network’s “Chopped”.

More on millennials marketing. Remember you read it here first – teenagers and offspring of affluent parents will be a food focused generation. All of the signs are there. Teens favoriting the Food Network and other foodie shows, then trying out what they see in the kitchen. Even toddlers have become adventurous eaters and think nothing of eating sushi, sashimi and “Babe-a-ccinos” (a coffee free cappuccino).  We are, indeed, a food obsessed population. Look not only at the proliferation of cooking schools, growth of culinary tourism, tourist board food and wine festivals, but social networking sites, blogs, and review sites. Youngsters are eager to join their parents in cooking classes at the pricier resorts around the world. I have a 13 year old niece whose best friend gave her a ring that was inscribed with the words “kale” in honor of her obsession with the dark green leafy vegetable. Where does this come from? Their parents’ foodie culture.

Now we’re seeing exhibits honoring the world’s leading chefs: early next year will be an exhibit of the drawings and diagrams of master Spanish chef Ferran Adrià at the Drawing Center in New York.  And then there’s the Food Hotel which we’ve written about before. What does this all mean to marketers? Capturing the imagination and interest of these young foodies can create indelible memories that can translate into a devoted customer-to-be.


Blogpost by Karen Weiner Escalera, President and Chief Strategist

Online Shopping of the Affluent

It’s no secret that consumers have increased their spending online. In 2009, comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, reported holiday season retail e-commerce spending topped just $20 billion. Not too shabby until you compare it to this year’s report of $42 billion – a 110% increase.

A recent article on online spending had us thinking: Do the online shopping trends translate to the affluent consumer? YES! Perhaps even more so… According to the article in Luxury Daily, “Affluent consumers are 40 percent* more likely to make a purchase on a luxury retail Web site compared to non-affluent consumers.”

One of those websites catering to the extremely rich – The Billionaire Shop.


A good martini can make or break a place

Reputations of places have been made from their drinks. I always remember the Beaver Club at Toronto’s Queen Elizabeth hotel which was on the map for its “bird bath” martini. It was one and a half size the usual, served in an oversize glass with a shaker representing another half glass. And look what the Bellini did for Harry’s Bar in Italy.


Voyaging Vegetarians

If you are a vegetarian food manufacturer, distributor, retailer or marketer, or don’t regularly tune into the Vegetarian Channel, you may not know of a growing offshoot of green travel – vegetarian travel.


Is food a world treasure?

The art of French cooking has a new advocate – a group of culinary experts called the French Mission for Food and Heritage Cultures, who are looking to persuade the UN to declare French gastronomy a world treasure. There’s a familiar saying in France: L’Art de la table, an all encompassing phrase which describes a high-end experience in dining, cuisine and culture. It’s this experience they want to preserve. But so far, there is no category at UNESCO for gastronomy.


Innovative dining for jaded palates

There are some delicious and innovative options cropping up for savvy diners, who aren’t only looking for a great meal, but also an experience and a connection with a destination.


Gourmet airport cuisine

To enhance the transit experience, airport environments are striving for that feeling of a market or city center by bringing diners something beyond fast food and pre-packaged snacks – haute cuisine, fine wines and regional flavor.