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Dabbling in social media while on vacation

A survey developed by KWE group for Casa Velas Hotel Boutique in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico indicated that 70% of their guests were interested in learning to put their best profile forward on Facebook, establish a Twitter account, upload videos and the like. Happy to oblige, the hotel is offering twice weekly workshops, free to guests.


Fontainebleau: Luxury as a fantasy escape

This past weekend’s re-opening of the legendary Fontainebleau in Miami Beach invoked nostalgic images of style and glamour. One felt transported to other (better) times, in what I would call a “Great Escape” – a fantasy, which at the end of the day, is part of what travel is all about.


Divorcee travel is increasing

Divorce has a new face, dare we say, it’s almost trendy. Sad but true, divorces have become an awfully good market – from divorce party planners and invitations to social networks and travel packages, we’re seeing more products, services and networks cropping up targeting divorcees who either want to celebrate or a shoulder to cry on.