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Easy Idea #2: The Shopping Bag

Nespresso shopping bag

Hotel spas, shops, anywhere there’s retail involved there’s opportunity in the take-it-for-granted shopping bag. One company that didn’t overlook this “evergreen” opportunity is  Nespresso of the coffee, coffee machines and coffee bar fame . They used their shopping bag to highlight a new limited edition of Italian inspired coffees — Napoli and Trieste (which, by the way, are wonderful). I bought some coffee and then went walking on Lincoln Road and popped into Williams Sonoma. Someone in the store asked me if I had tried the coffee and we struck up a conversation about Nespresso. That’s just one person who commented, but how about others who saw the bag and found out about the new product line? How does that translate to hotel and cruise ship retail outlets, and to spas? Selling a new line, new collection, or having a sale? Get your bag to help do the promotion for you. A slam dunk.


Spa marketing is getting creative

Still battling the current economic downturn, spas are implementing fresh concepts to attract new clients and retain existing customers.


Spa trends for 2010

A recent online survey of spa professionals conducted by KWE group revealed some interesting trends and opportunities:


Affluent Teens Emerge as Growing Spa Opportunity

In recent years, cruises, luxury resorts and spas have added teen spa-ing to their roster, primarily facials, manicures and pedicures, with playful touches or themes, as well as hosting teen spa parties. However, spas will need to up the ante and be prepared to accommodate more teenage guests, because adults aren’t the only ones looking to de-stress in these turbulent times. Much of this stress filters down to our kids, on top of the typical daily pressures teens already face…