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Countdown: #6 Travel & Lifestyle Trends in a Social Media World

While its been around for a while now, the crowdsourcing trend continues to shake up business processes, product-improvement, and spawn endless innovations. The difference today is that through social media platforms, we have access to large crowds. Expect this trend to boom as social referrals (recommendations from social communities) become increasingly important to generate new customers and sales. Once considered by many as risky business, Websites allowing online reviews are now a necessity, which means careful monitoring and instant responses to reviews and referral sites.

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Countdown: #4 Travel & Lifestyle Trends in a Social Media World

And we’re halfway there! Today’s post is the fourth in our weekly series of counting down our top 8 social media trends in marketing and public relations….trends we’ve identified to be important parts of every marketing / public relations pro’s tool kit. We study latest consumer marketing research in order to find out more about current consumer attitudes and habits and how this impacts the travel, hospitality and luxury lifestyle industries.


Countdown #3 : Travel & Lifestyle Trends in a Social Media World

Since 2008, the majority of consumers had to tighten their belts, but in the process, they discovered they could live without so much “stuff.” So when they do venture out to buy, they want a retail experience, an outing that’s about more than a purchase. Alfred Dunhill’s new store in London, is a 3 story “home” that offers shopping, dining and grooming, plus a movie viewing room and old-fashioned men’s club.


Glam trips with the fam

According to the annual Virtuoso Luxe Report 2012, family and multi- generational travel have emerged as the biggest travel trend this year.


Disaster tourism – Making good out of bad?

USA Today just reported that ‘disaster tourists’ are beginning to swarm to Costa Concordia island. Barely a week after the cruise ship ran aground and keeled over just off the tiny Italian island of Giglio, ferries from the mainland are jammed with day-trippers trying to get a ringside view. More than 1,000 visitors arrived on Giglio from Tuscany’s Porto Santo Stefano Saturday, almost 10 times the normal number for a weekend in the off season. So close in the wake of the disaster, Giglio tourism officials are naturally aghast at the unwanted notoriety.