Luxury Travel, Lifestyle and Marketing Trends

Bulletproof couture

A button down blazer. A v-neck wool sweater. A Nehru vest. A polo shirt. What do all of these have in common? They can and are being made bulletproof by Colombian company Miguel Caballero Bulletproof Attire. It’s a clothing line “European style clothing designed exclusively for the client seeking stylish yet camouflaged bulletproof options.” Fabulous!


Airports selling local foods

Another variation on culinary tourism, a segment which continues to grow, seems to me to be eclipsing duty free….the busiest shop at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport was the one selling Turkish food products: from preserves, honeys, teas and coffee, to sweets and olive oil.


Luxury Cruise Trends 2011

As editor Nancy Novogrod, editor of Travel + Leisure quoted to the Miami Herald, luxury cruising is “not about 3000 thread count sheets”. Nor is it about spacious cabins, white glove service, celebrity branded restaurants or spas; it’s not even about status and exclusivity.