Beekeeping Tourism

We’ve heard of ever-fracturing niches in travel, but we were intrigued to read about an offshoot of eco-tourism – beekeeping tourism! And Slovenia appears to have cornered the market with its new slogan “Slovenia -A Land of Great Beekeepers.”

It turns out that Slovenia seems to be a treasure trove of honeybees with a rich history. It began with Slovene Anton Jansa (1734 – 1773), who became famous for his lectures about beekeeping in Vienna. So much so, that Empress Maria Theresa issued a decree after Jansa’s death obliging all teachers of apiculture (beekeeping) to use his books.

The country will be adding beekeeping to its tourism packages and plans to enlighten tourists with a plethora of honeybee products. Not only is it man’s oldest sweetener, but more and more researchers are turning up new evidence of honey’s varied medical and beauty benefits. So get ready to taste lots of honey biscuits, honey liqueur and honey wine, which is often a fixture in Slovenian cuisine.

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Felekech HaileMariam (Ms) Says:

We want to hear more about beekeeping tourism, some clients from non- governmental organization want to go on this specific tour, could you please send us more information?

Karen Escalera Says:

Slovenia is a leader in this and there’s a tour operator that can set up a custom visit built around beekeeping tourism. I’m not familiar with them personally, but it’s probably worth contacting them. Here’s the link: Good luck!

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