Quirky hotels

If you thought it was adventurous to stay in an ice hotel, a castle in Europe or a tree house in the jungle of Belize, now you can take it a step further and stay in a hospital, a jail, a bank, a lighthouse and even a railcar.

From luxurious hotels like the Four Seasons in Istanbul, Turkey and The Liberty in Boston (both of which were former prisons) to the trendy Granados 83 hotel in Barcelona (formerly a hospital), travelers, especially the young and hip, are longing for beyond-the-norm experiences when staying in a hotel.

If staying in a jail or hospital isn’t outrageous enough for you, then how about checking in at one of these more quirky hotels:  In Cottonwood, Idaho there’s the Dog Bark Park Inn that’s in the shape of a gigantic Beagle, also known as the world’s largest Beagle. The rooms are inside its two-story body. At the Sandy Valley Ranch in Nevada, the sleeping quarters are antique covered wagons, remnants of the Old West. Last but not least is Sweden’s Jumbo Hostel – a renovated 747 jumbo jet at Stockholm-Arlanda airport, complete with 25 rooms and a cockpit deluxe suite.

For more unusual lodgings, visit the Unusual Hotels of the World website, which rates hotels based on wow factor, outrageous, wacky, unusual and different.

By Aimet Arill

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