Digital Media Trends for 2013

That story telling is a critical element of effective marketing has been described ad infinitum. More recently we’ve also seen that visual story telling, adding visuals, can increase engagement by as much as 9 times. According to a recent survey, over 90 percent of all media websites now use video. So number one in the “must do” is video. A very good example is a recent video I received from the Ritz-Carlton in Key Biscayne, promoting their full moon, outdoor spinning class to illustrate the news (see below).

Other trends:
 – PR needs to think of the job as more comprehensive content providers — that includes offering research, graphics, service information and experts– in an easily understandable way. Smaller news rooms mean less time for a journalist to dig deep. Traditionally this has been a realm of B2B (see our B2B Brand Building case study), but also, now, B2C.

– How can content be given legs? Look not only to all social media channels, but it’s also important to target influencers.

– Host and display all news content in a social online newsroom. Make it a place where creatives, editors and community managers can collaborate, curate and syndicate news content (thanks to Pressfeed for this tip).

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