Mental fitness at a spa near you

You may be familiar with the saying “use it or lose it,” which generally referred to the muscles in our bodies. Now with a vast, aging Boomer population, Alzheimer’s studies a regular topic on the evening news, and medical reports touting the need to keep the brain active to avoid decline, the phrase also refers to the newest fitness/spa trend – Brain Fitness.

As a result there’s been an explosion of products and programs  to stave off the effects of aging, from interactive video games that claim to sharpen concentration to brain gyms offering mental circuit training. Brain health is also on spa-goers “minds” today, with brain work-outs popping up on both the day and stay spa menus, with activities, education, technologies, and therapies that function like “gyms for the mind.” Mind Spa Mental Fitness Center in Florida has added a Neurobics Center, featuring computer stations with scientifically developed brain exercise and biofeedback programs, as well as Neurowave chairs to stimulate brain function. The Raj Ayurveda Health Spa in Iowa, working in tandem with a brain research institute, has developed a program to prevent the onset of age-related cognitive disorders.

My favorite quote of the week says it best: “The baby boomers, as we all know, are only a year or two from turning 65,” says Colin Milner, CEO of the Vancouver-based International Council on Active Aging. “When people are spending money on everything from Botox and butt implants to bleaching of your skin, there’s a lot of stuff taking place around vanity. And there’s nothing more vain than being able to remember who the heck you’re speaking to.”

By: Chelsea Orth, KWE group

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