Stress-Busting Vacations

There’s no escaping bad news – from dismal employment figures to the economy or the swine flu – and as a result, we’re stressed.  And when deep breaths or a relaxing spa vacation just won’t cut it, look to Aggro-Tourism to truly vent and cure what ails you. Check out these new and creative stress relieving options, courtesy of

  • Did you know that World Pillow Fight Day was on April 4, 2009? Thousands of people across the globe took to the streets and pummeled each other with pillows. Pictured below: Pillow fight in the streets of Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Thunder Ranch is a “semilegal” firing range outside Phnom Penh, Cambodia that treats tourists with a menu of Uzis, M16s, 12-gauge assault shotguns. For the bargain basement price of $25, clients can lob a grenade at their troubles. For $35 they can fire off 30 rounds with a fully automatic AK47. If Cambodia is too far, there’s always your local firing range to satisfy an itchy trigger finger.
  •  Prefer to break things with your bare hands? Then you may want to pay a visit to Sarah’s Smash Shack in San Diego. Clients are outfitted with goggles, coveralls, and a helmet, and can then unleash their wrath on colored vases ($12), collections of shot glasses, ashtrays ($12) or crystal picture frames (insert your  photo of choice – an ex-boyfriend, an ex-boss, an ex-president) and then hurl them against a wall.
  • The Scuola Gladiatori in Rome is staffed by Italians who are fanatical about warrior history and weapons. For $135, a two-hour course covers both protocol and head-lopping maneuvers before unleashing your inner gladiator – complete with wooden sword and era-appropriate armor. You’ll also get to wield real metal weapons with blunted edges. Hard-core wannabes can sign up for the two-month course.
  • Rather be engulfed in flames or thrown from a window? London Stunt School offers a $600 high explosives class. For a little less octane, there’s always the stair-falling course ($320). And the Professional Stunt Training Centre in Vancouver offers stunt driving. In the two-day course, clients will master reverse 180’s and how to slide into parking spaces; in the advanced course, the art of the full-on car chase. The ultimate, though, may be setting yourself aflame in the fire training course.

Yes, these examples are somewhat sensational. However the bottom line is to look to anything that claims to relieve stress to boom. Armed with this information, entrepreneurs and marketers alike need to start getting creative.


pillow fight in Stuttgart, Germany


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